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Tridon worm gear clamps

The worm gear clamp, the clamp that started the story of Tridon. A clamp that is fit for many different applications. The story of our worm gear clamps started with our ST clamp, but over the years we have created many more product families. Each with their own unique characteristics. This resulted in a wide product range that always offers a product to fit your needs.

Tridon ST – the true authentic worm gear clamp

We call our ST worm gear clamp the “Tridon authentic”, because it truly is our original hose clamp. The ST clamp is a combination of high quality materials, a compact screw construction and a 1 piece house. This results in improved tensile strength of the band and a strong and worry-free seal. A simple product with true character.

Creating high quality worm gear clamps

Besides the quality of the materials, there’s much more that creates the high quality of our worm gear clamps. Every team member at Tridon has the same goal, providing the best quality for you. With a diverse team where everyone brings in their own view and character, there are many ways to reach that goal. Through teamwork and discussion we work towards consensus and create a product that meets and exceeds our standards. When that consensus is reached, we know we’ve reached our ultimate goal.

Get to know our worm gear clamp product families

The ST worm gear clamp

The Tridon authentic, our proud first. There are several things making this clamp unique, such as the 50% higher tension resistance and 3 times higher corrosion resistance compared to a standard W1 product. The flexible band allows for faster tightening while simultaneously requiring less force to fit the band. To top it off, the breaking torque of our ST clamp is higher because of better material dividing production process. Curious about the sizes and technical details?

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The D and DD worm gear clamp

This clamp has some important benefits in common with our ST clamp. They both offers 50% higher tension resistance compared to a W1 product. The second benefit they have in common is the higher breaking torque because of the better material dividing product process. The flexible band of the D and DD clamps also results in faster tightening, with less force needed to fit the band. What distinguishes the D and DD worm gear clamps from other worm gear clamps is the increased flexibility because of the shortened basis of the house. The house is welded onto the band, which reduces the number of loose parts needed for this clamp. Curious about the sizes and technical details?

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The HD worm gear clamp

The HD worm gear clamp is an ideal solution for applications where extreme tightening torques are required. The clamp resists high torque loads thanks to the robust, long housing and tough screw. The band is fully perforated and the worm gear screw grips with more teeth into the band than regular worm gear clamps. Curious about the sizes and technical details of this heavy duty worm gear clamp?

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The EF worm gear clamp

Our EF worm gear clamp is another product with some similarities to our authentic ST clamp, but with its own unique identifying factors. It has a 50% higher tension resistance and 3 times higher corrosion resistance compared to W1 clamps. The distinguishing factors of our EF clamps are the safety lock, which prevents the clamp from flipping open once assembled and ensures a smooth inside of the band. It is often used on ventilation pipes and very thin hoses. The smooth inside avoids damage to these thin hoses. The construction is welded and the band is fully rolled. The longer screw head makes this clamp easier to assemble for larger sizes. Curious about the sizes and technical details?

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The BA worm gear clamp

Our BA clamps are produced according to the French norm. The BA clamps are available in 8mm and 14mm bandwidth. The 8mm version uses a C6 screw head, whilst the 14mm uses a C8 screw head. The BA offers an improved fit because the screw is pressed deeper into the band. The fit of the clamp is extremely flexible because of the perforated band. Curious about the sizes and technical details?

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The EB worm gear clamp

This clamp stands out because of its ultimate possibility for customization. You always have the right size available because it’s sold as a roll of 25 meters together with a box of 50 housing units. This makes the EB worm gear clamp ideal for service and maintenance oriented applications, but they are also often used for road sign attachment. Curious about the sizes and technical details?

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Ultimate torque strength

The industry standard norms for the breaking torque of worm gear clamps isn’t really pushing the quality of worm gear clamps in general. As Tridon our device is that norms exist to be exceeded. The industry norm for breaking torque is 4 Nm for bandwidth 9mm and 6,5 Nm for bandwidth 12mm Nm, whereas our worm gear clamps usually supersede this with 35%. We test this norm for every batch of clamps in our own Tridon lab. When our standards aren’t met, the clamps won’t make it out of our warehouse. It ensures quality for you, and it keeps us on our toes to never let go of our standards.

The Tridon Lab

Did you know we have our own quality lab at Tridon HQ? For every batch of clamps we test whether they meet all of our quality requirements. Everything to ensure the best performance for you. Because even though the worm gear clamp is seemingly a simple product, it can have large consequences when it fails. In our lab we perform torque, tensile strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and 8-sector radial force tests. Curious to learn more about each of the tests?

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Sealing fundamentals

Worm gear clamps can be used to create a secure sealing of all kinds of hoses. But do you know all of the fundamentals of a safe and secure seal? In our e-book called ‘sealing fundamentals’ we explain everything about it. Curious?

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Protective caps for worm gear clamps

To ensure that the tail of the clamp doesn’t damage any other parts around it we offer our protective caps. Simply put the protective cap on the tail after installing the clamp and the sharp edges are gone. The red colour of the cap makes it stand out in industrial environments.

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Custom packaging for your worm gear clamps

Custom packaging of our hose clamps is a service we offer to make your process easier. What good would it do to send clamps to you in a big box, if you need to repack them anyway? Optimise your workflow by getting your order packed the way you need, before it reaches your warehouse. Together we reduce unnecessary manpower and packaging waste!

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