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Tridon® Fundamentals product range

Our Tridon® fundamentals product range offers worm gear clamps, T-bolt clamps, mounting clamps, pipe connectors and fast fit articles in many different diameters and materials. These products are widely used in various industries, as well as many different types of machinery and other end products such as water pipes.

Material Norms        Rubber Properties

Worm drive clamp

Worm gear clamps

Countless applications exist for this type of hose clamp – and not all include hoses. Many of our clients use our worm gear clamps for different applications. Our product technology ensures the strongest torque possible. View all of our worm gear clamps here.

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T-bolt clamp

T-bolt clamps

Available in many sizes, our robust T-bolt clamps are perfectly fit for strong fixation. The clamps are available in various materials. We offer single as well as double T-bolt clamps.

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Mounting clamp

Mounting technology

Our mounting clamps and support brackets provide sturdy and reliable mounting technology. They are able to withstand harsh industrial conditions. Learn more about Tridon® mounting technology here.

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Pipe coupling

Pipe couplings

Our pipe couplings provide strong and secure fixing that prevents leakage for metal and plastic pipes. Tridon® pipe couplings are often used on water pipes for this reason. However, many more applications are possible. Read more about our pipe connectors here.

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Ear clamp

Fast fit products

For quick repairing and fixing, Tridon® provides various fast fit products such as ear clamps, U-ties and P-clips. These products will significantly lower assembly times. Learn more about our fast fixing solutions and the products in this range.

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