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Tridon T-bolt clamps

Our T-bolt clamps are used in various applications in markets such as agriculture technology where the clamps are used on for example irrigation systems and for liquid manure spreading. In the mobility and transport sector the T-bolt clamps are used on hydraulic return lines and exhaust systems. The sustainable energy market uses our clamps for applications such as coolant hoses and ventilation systems. The T-bolt clamps are available in many sizes, and double T-bolt clamps also belong to our Tridon® fundamentals product range. Learn everything about our T-bolt clamps and the benefits of each product for heavy duty applications.

T-bolt clamps: our super clamps

Our T-bolt clamps are often called ‘super clamps’. To make a good seal it depends whether you need flexibility or brute force. We call our T-bolt clamps ‘super clamps’ because they are the best solution for applications where brute force is needed to make a good seal.

When you need our T-bolt clamps

As mentioned our T-bolt clamps are the ideal solution for applications that require brute force to make a seal. That’s why we advise our T-bolt clamps for applications that use hard or reinforced hoses with significant thickness and for applications with high (peak) pressures.

Our T-bolt clamp range

The DSA and DSB T-bolt clamp

Our DSA and DSB are two double bolt T-bolt clamps. Both clamps are ready for heavy work with their double band, sturdy bridge and solid trunnions. The double T-bolt clamp ensures better distribution of the radial forces, to ensure sealing is achieved faster. The difference between the DSA and DSB T-bolt clamps is the bandwidth and the screw type. Both are heavy duty multi-purpose clamps that are useful for various applications.

Technical details:

  • Bandwidth: 20mm (DSA) or 24mm (DSB)
  • Sizes: from 30mm to 300mm (DSA) or 60mm to 315mm (DSB)
  • Materials: W1, W2 (only DSB) and W5
  • Bolts: M6 (DSA) or M8 (DSB)

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The M T-bolt clamp

With its light construction and rounded edges the M T-bolt clamp is a great solution for hoses with thin walls and with a small clamping range. The rounded edges of the clamp band prevent the edges of the clamp from cutting into the band. Because it’s such a good fit for thin hoses, it’s often called ‘fuel hose clamp’. The M T-bolt clamp is manufactured according to DIN3017.

Technical details:

  • Bandwidth: 9mm
  • Sizes: from 6mm to 20mm
  • Materials: W1 and W4 (W5 upon request)
  • Bolts: M4, with elevated heads for easy access with socket tools

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The MS T-bolt clamp

This clamp was originally designed for a special request from our customer Husqvarna to be used on their sawing machines. However, nowadays we have more customers using this compact hose clamp that can easily be used in the tightest of corners. The clamp is constructed according to DIN3017.

Technical details:

  • Bandwidth: 7mm or 9m
  • Sizes: from 28mm to 59mm
  • Materials: W1, W2 and W4
  • Bolts: single hex screw in M3 or M4

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The RS T-bolt clamp

Our RS T-bolt clamp is the strongest clamp in our product range. The clamp is designed for rigid and heavy hoses that use high operating pressures. This makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications. To ensure the bolt can easily be reached with tooling we use a spacer. This makes installation much easier. The construction of the clamp exceeds the bolt’s breaking torque.

Technical details:

  • Bandwidth: 30mm
  • Sizes: from 40mm to 174mm (larger sizes upon request)
  • Materials: W1
  • Bolts: M10 for all diameters

The S T-bolt clamp

What makes our S clamp special is the flexibility in bandwidth, band thickness, bolt size and trunnions. These elements adapt to the diameter of the clamp. This means, the more robust the hose, the more robust the clamp becomes. The band of our S clamp is rounded, which prevents the band from cutting into the hose and causing a leaking seal. To make assembly of this clamp easier we use a spacer for the bolt. This makes the bolt easier to reach with tooling. The clamp has 3 projection welds on each construction side.

Technical details:

  • Bandwidth: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm
  • Sizes: from 17mm to 252mm
  • Materials: W1, W2, W4 and W5
  • Bolts: Standard metric

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The SP T-bolt clamp

The SP clamp is a heavy duty 1-part clamp that with its double band, sturdy bridge and solid trunnions is ready for the most diverse industrial applications. This clamp uses a single bolt construction. The SP T-bolt clamp is manufactured according to DN3017-3.

Technical details:

  • Bandwidth: 20mm
  • Sizes: from 30mm to 135mm
  • Materials: W1, W4 and W5
  • Bolts: M6

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Solid trunnions for our T-bolt clamps

For the construction of our T-bolt clamps we choose to use solid trunnions (except for the M type), whereas our competitors often use hollow trunnions. Solid trunnions have three big advantages. The first one being the longer screw thread. Second, because the trunnions are solid, they have more body which makes them stronger. Third, the ability to turn when the clamp is adapted, which only gives tension in the direction that is needed. This strength and other advantages are essential for the heavy duty applications where our T-bolt clamps are used.

Use our special packaging service for our T-bolt clamps

To save you the trouble of repacking the order you receive from us we offer the service of packing your order according to your needs. The number of clamps in a bag is up to you! This saves you time, and it prevents packaging waste. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the available options.

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