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Water is an essential part of our lives. We drink it, use it to grow the crops we eat and we use it to wash our hands. Water even provides us with power through water power turbines. Our clamps and pipe couplings are used on different parts of water installations.


Clamps for water turbines

Our clamps are used on water turbine control units. Generating power from sustainable resources such as water is one of the ways we need to focus on for the future. In this installation our accumulator clamps ensure safe and secure mounting of the pressure vessels.

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Clamps for water purification systems

Our worm gear clamps as well as tank straps are used on water purification systems. Worm gear clamps are used to connect hoses and ensure a leak free connection. The tank straps are used to keep the boilers, that are used in the purification system, in place,

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Clamps for irrigation

In large parts of the world, irrigation is indispensable because of the natural weather conditions. To ensure an efficient and supply of water to fields that is not excessive, Tridon S clamps  are used to connect hoses on irrigation coils. Tridon clamps are also used on the rotating water cannons that can be seen out in the fields in warm, dry areas.

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Clamps for agricultural water pumps

Pumping water for irrigation or to be able to feed cattle is an important part of the agriculture industry. The pumps used by farmers use our S clamps to ensure a reliable and leak free connection. Curious in what other applications in the agri industry our clamps are used?

Clamps for surface water application

Transportation of surface water requires specialist equipment to prevent failures of the network and lower the risks of pollution. Couplings and seals of these systems is part of that. Our HD clamps are used to provide this save and leak free connection.

Clamps for sewage systems

Large sewage pipes transporting sewage from drainage systems to the water treatment plant require just as much leak free connection as surface water installations. Leakage in this system could cause damage to the environment as well as to public health. With our worm gear and S clamps we provide this leak free coupling.

Tridon® products

As shows from all the different applications described above, many of our Tridon® fundamentals hose clamps are used on water related installations. View all the products below and click to learn more.

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