Industrial constructor

Industrial constructor

Many of our clients at Tridon® Industries are industrial constructor. Tridon® offers several services that are attractive to these businesses, such as custom packaging and private label products. Industrial suppliers want to deliver the highest quality to their own customers, so that the end product they create will be of outstanding quality. Tridon® thoroughly tests their products in several ways, which is another reason why we are a good fit for industrial constructor.

Tridon<sup>®</sup> worm drive clamps

Custom packaging

We understand that the standard packaging procedure for our products is not always the best fit for you. To save you the time and energy of re-packaging products when they are delivered to you, we offer a service for packing our products in the way that you prefer. This means there is no hassle for you when the products arrive, and we save packaging materials because products are only packed once: the right way.

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