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Every one of our co-builders at Tridon® Industries contributes to the quality we deliver with our products and services, and to the growth of our organization as a whole. We recognize the value of each individual working with us. Each co-builder is an indispensable link in our chain.
Would you like to be part of our growing team of co-builders all around the world? View all career options with Tridon® Industries right here.
Tridon® Industries offers job opportunities in several departments such as warehouse,
production, engineering, order administration, purchasing (supplier assistance), QHSE, financial administration, sales (customer assistance), and IT support. Are you curious about what working in one of these fields is like at Tridon® Industries? If so, read more about each department here.

Warehouse at Tridon<sup>®</sup>


Our warehouse is where the journey of our products to the customer begins. Every day, our co-builders process new arrivals to the warehouse and work diligently to send out orders, so that they reach our customers in time. It is a challenging department where no day is the same. 



In our production department every co-builder strives to create the highest quality products. With our modern machinery and years of experience, you are assured of an energizing working environment with opportunities for both personal and professional development. 



Many of our clients require special products for unique situations. Our engineering department caters to the needs of those clients. Of course, innovation of our existing product range is also an important part of our engineers’ jobs. 

Order admin

Order administration

Our order administration department is key to ensuring the well-coordinated processing of orders. Every day they make sure the right order picking lists are sent to the warehouse, so the correct goods are shipped on time. They inform our clients of the current delivery times and other important information. It is a position with a lot of international contact and a lot of responsibility. 



To ensure that every customer receives their order in time, it is essential that the inventory is managed properly. Our purchasing department monitors our inventory statistics and ensures that the inventory levels are optimized at all times. This department is indispensable to our organization and encounters new challenges every day. 


QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment)

At Tridon® Industries, we value outstanding quality, service and safety for our co-builders, customers, and end-users. Therefore, our QHSE department focuses on maintaining an environment where we can realize this for everyone. 

Financial admin

Financial administration

The financial administration department at Tridon® Industries ensures that we have a clear overview of payments from our clients. They also help us create the right budgets for certain activities within the company. This is an essential position for every business, and a challenge for anyone with a passion for numbers. 



The relationship we build with our leads and customers is key to guaranteeing satisfied and returning customers. We unite with our customers and aim to be one step ahead of their needs and offer outstanding service. This is a field for real “people people”, where every day is a challenge to be better than the day before. 

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